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Unikie won the tender to develop the app that will lead to more efficient calls at Port of Gävle

Unikie Oy, a Finnish software company specializing in artificial intelligence and software for autonomous vehicles, has won a tender for Efficient Flow, an international digitalization project for sea traffic management. The ICT solution will be implemented in Port of Gävle and aims to enhance the efficiency of port operators. The purpose of the Ship and Port ICT solution is to streamline and simplify the port actors’ operations and also to get a digital communication channel in between vessels.
The ICT solution in the port environment provides the basis for cooperation between the key players in the port. The solution connects the operators within the port, within the port and between related inland operators. The ICT solution will be able to integrate the port area functions in a timely manner when ships arrive in the port. This will allow optimization of operations, including inland operations.
The development of the app is a part of an EU-financed project that aims to streamline the call process and thereby increase the competitiveness of shipping. The project is expected to contribute to less environmental impact due to improved processes and port calls, as well as produce time saving.
Port of Gävle initiated its work with efficient port calls in 2016 and the current development is a natural part of the port’s digitization process. Port of Gävle hopes that the project will inspire other ports to implement similar solutions and thus contribute to sustainable shipping in a larger perspective.

Picture: Simulation with departing container vessel

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