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Port of Gävle

Strategically located just north of Stockholm and right next to the industrial Central Sweden region,
Port of Gävle is a natural east coast hub for import and export.

Port of Gävle - The Hub of the East Coast

Port of Gävle – the largest logistics hub in Central Sweden, is situated only two hours from Stockholm, with comparatively little traffic or congestion. At Port of Gävle exports from the region’s steel, wood and paper industries on their way around the globe, meet input goods for industry, fuel, consumer goods and project loads that will be distributed throughout the country.
Large vessels can efficiently arrive at the port for quick unloading and loading at the container terminal, bulk terminal, combi terminal, and energy port. From here, the goods will reach their destination by electrified railway or road. Port of Gävle has large storage areas near the quays  as well as a logistics park that is ready with space for stocking and storing goods. Welcome to the logistics hub of Central Sweden.


Northernmost Food Inspection Facility located in Port of Gävle

The final inspection of the Food Inspection Facility at Port of Gävle has been completed. Port of Gävle will now be one of few places in Sweden that can carry out Food Inspections for the Swedish Food Agency (other examples where such facilities can be found are Arlanda airport, Port

First call at quay 1 since the renovation

A successful first call has taken place at quay 1. The tanker LATANA from Bergen has was the first to dock at de newly renovated quay. After the new container terminal was inaugurated in May 2022, the renovation of quay 1 has been one of Port of Gävle’s bigger projects.

The first electric train arrived at Port of Gävle

During Midsummer day, the first electric train arrived at Port of Gävle. The Swedish Transport Administration electrified the railway track from Gävle goods railway station to Port of Gävle. Before the electrification, trains needed to enter Gävle Railway station to change from electric locomotive to a diesel locomotive before continuing

Port programs and projects

Vessels in the port

Next arrival: 19:00

Port of Gävle is the best port to work in. There are not many ports that are open in the evening like Port of Gävle, and wait-times are short. In our contracts, we always allow two hours for loading and unloading – at Port of Gävle you can usually do it in one. There is also a very strong entrepreneurial spirit.

You have a port, we don't. Of that, we are jealous.

At Port of Gävle, there is no monopoly, but transparency and a functioning market. This results in professional and efficient work.

I really like the feeling of freedom while working at Port of Gävle. In my 30 years of work, it's the best workplace I've ever had.

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