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About Port of Gävle

Port of Gävle is an efficient, intermodal logistics centre where shipping, rail and road transports meet. Here we create the conditions for sustainable, secure, efficient and customised logistics services by providing high-capacity port infrastructure for the port’s customers. Gävle Hamn AB (Port Authority) is a municipal company that manages and develops the port area.

Port of Gävle - A full service port

Port of Gävle is in a unique position on the border between two economic regions, the resource economy of Norrland and the import economy of Mälardalen. Within a 250-km radius of the port, nearly 20 million tons of steel and processed wood are produced annually. Port of Gävle is a central hub for exports. The port is strategically located with connections to main railway lines in all directions and two European highways. It is 60 minutes to Arlanda and Stockholm is 90 minutes away on a four lane motorway. The Port of Gävle is a full-service port that handles of a variety of goods, mainly forestry, steel, energy and petroleum products, containers and project loads to and from Swedish industries. The port’s customers and operators include major industrial and commercial companies, shipping companies, transport companies and freight forwarding agents. The cargo handling itself, i.e. the loading and unloading of ships, is handled by a specialised terminal operator. The port area also includes a number of other operators who handle various goods in various ways, such as storage, packing and stripping of containers. Information and contact details for our terminal operator and other operators can be found under contact and visit.


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Gävle Hamn AB’s main and most important task is to strengthen the regional business sector and to create competitive advantages for the region’s industry. By maintaining, developing and marketing the entire port, the conditions for a strong, efficient and sustainable freight hub are created. Gävle Hamn AB’s role is to ensure that the infrastructure such as quays, railways, roads and waterways are well maintained, but also to develop and build new infrastructure at the pace required to create good conditions for the region’s economy over the long term. The role of the Port Authority also includes responsibility for coordinating security and traffic in the port area.

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