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Energy Optimized Port Cluster

Port of Gävle is a logistic hub where major waterways, railways and roads meet. Energy Optimized Port Clusters main goal is to meet the CO2 reduction and energy efficincy requirements from both national and regional level. 

Program Energy Optimized Port Cluster 2030

Energy Optimized Port Cluster 2030 is a 10-year program with the main goal: The port cluster should by 2030 meet, in pace and on time, the requirements for CO2 reduction and energy efficiency that exist from both national and county level and which are in line with the 1.5-degree target/Paris Agreement. Below follows the joint and continuously updated work material that should support a high joint capacity for change. 

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Joint Target 2030 - Work Tool

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List of symbols two

List of symbols three

List of symbols four

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Joint Road Map 2030

Cluster actors list ongoing and planned efforts that support the respective Transition Targets. The road map is continuously updated. Concerning the respective deliveries (projects/initiatives), contact the responsible actor directly.


The purpose of the Road Map 2030 is to create high capacity for change in collaboration with the port actors by allowing everyone to take part in and take advantage of what is going on and when. The responsibility to take initiatives remains with each individual actor. 

Next publications is October 2023.

Contact Linda Astner, Head of Sustainability
Phone: 070-623 38 41

View our Joint Road Map in Power BI (last updated 2023-10-13)

Transition targets

View Joint Road map above for efforts that cluster actors have chosen to publish towards each transition target.

Processes and Transition Targets

Four main processes have been defined within the port cluster.

Illustrations have been created to describe the respective main process flow, the distribution of responsibilities between actors and which changes need to take place in each process (transition targets). Everyone should easily see how they can contribute in their respective role. The illustrations are developed continuously. (For more information please contact Port of Gävle).

The program has made a breakdown of the overall goals into changes in the respective process (transition targets). Major efforts will be required to reach the transition targets, both on individual and common levels.


The program was launched in 2020 and was preceded by a preliminary study where dialogues were held with several of the port cluster actors.

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