Vattennivå (RH2000)

Business Policy

Port of Gävle is a modern intermodal logistics centre where road, rail and maritime transportation meet.Port of Gävle is a modern intermodal logistics centre where road, rail and maritime transportation meet.

General goals

We continuously meet the demands of the future, using open and honest communications with our clients, co-workers and other interested parties. Our goal is to make our services and facitilies as available as possible, while also continuously working to improve these services and facilities.

We put safety, quality and sustainability very high up on our order of business. This means that we try to take every step nessecary to minimize our impact on the environment and our climate at large, not just our local area. Of course, we also abide by the laws and regulations set for us.

We are always trying to be better. Do better. Both for ourselves, our region and for the business area as a whole. By working towards long-term improvements and developments for our transport sectors, we aim to make shipping by sea a given alternative. These philosophies make up the cornerstones of our entire business.

Our mission

Gävle Hamn AB has a mission to provide efficient infrastructure to terminal operators, forwarding agents, freight owners and others.

Operational maintenance of the the container-, bulk- and CFS terminals is carried out by Yilport. The energy port is mainly maintained by the petroleum companies.

Port of Gävle will:

Utforska hamnen med hela familjen

Gratis buss, rälsbuss- och båtturer till hamnområdet. För små sjörövare finns teater, ansiktsmålning och fiskdamm. Testa vår ham(n)burgare! Ingen landkrabba ska behöva gå hungrig. Utforska hamnens framtida innovationsarbete, lyssna på föredrag och se fotoutställning. Det bjuds på nygräddade kanelbullar, tårta, godis och lokalt kaffe.