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Efficient flow makes STM happen

Efficient Flow is a three-year project between Port of Gävle, the Swedish Maritime Administration, the Finnish Transport Agency, Port of Rauma and Satakunta University. It is financed by the EU and aims to streamline the call process and thereby increase the competitiveness of shipping. Several workshops have been held with customers and operators in 2018, to identify the current situation in information exchange in the process of a port call. In 2019, the project is in a phase to start procuring the development of an app that will be the tool in the streamlining of the call process.
Efficient flow is a project within Sea Traffic management, STM. STM connects and updates the maritime world in real time, with efficient information exchange. Through data exchange among selected parties such as ships, service providers and shipping companies, STM is creating a new paradigm for maritime information sharing offering tomorrow´s digital infrastructure for shipping. One could say that the Efficient Flow-project makes STM happen.
An interview with Claes Möller, Fleet manager at Tärntank was recently published on the STM web page.
“Sea Traffic Management has the potential to make Just-In-Time operations in shipping in a worldwide perspective possible, which is a key factor in achieving the IMO goals on greenhouse gas reductions. The economic benefits by saving the bunkers will be shared by means of using the new STM clause in the BIMCO standard contracts”, says Claes Möller.
“We are ready to test new STM clause in reality involving Preem and the Port of Gävle in Sweden, one of the first ports in the world where the port aspects of STM is implemented in another STM-project, EfficientFlow.”
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