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Three new giant cranes as Port of Gävle’s Container Terminal expands

The new container quay being built includes three recently ordered Super Post Panamax cranes, which can serve significantly larger vessels than the terminal is capable of today. Among other things, they have much greater reach, and are able to load and discharge vessels with a width of 22 containers which is 11 more than the existing cranes can handle. They also come with the possibility of a high degree of automation, although the cranes can also be run traditionally; with operators placed in the crane.
“With this investment, we take decisive steps towards fantastic opportunities to further strengthening our position as the East Coast’s largest—and one of Sweden’s most important container ports. As the size of vessels increase, we are now well prepared to meet the needs of the shipping companies,” says terminal operator Yilport´s terminal manager Fredrik Rönnqvist.
6 new RTG’s as well
For maximum efficiency when handling containers in the new container yard, the Yilport has also ordered six electrically powered automated rubber tyred gantry cranes (RTGs). With their high stacking capacity—6 containers on top of each other—as well as excellent maneuverability, the RTGs are the smartest possible combination with the new cranes.


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