Port of Gävle - Container terminals, bulk terminal, combi terminal and energy port.


The Port of Gävle - Container terminals

Container terminal

This is the largest container port on the east coast with feeder traffic operating almost daily to the largest European ports.

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The Port of Gävle - Energy port

Energy port

Terminal oil, terminal chemical.
The energy port, consisting of terminal oil and terminal chemical, is one of the largest in Sweden and handles mainly petrol, diesel, heating oils, ethanol, vegetable oils, chemicals for the primary industries and plane fuel.

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The Port of Gävle - Bulk terminal

Bulk terminal

The bulk terminal handles materials and supplies to the primary industries (for example clay, alloys, scrap, concentrates and biofuels) as well as project cargoes where requirements on the lifting capacity and intermediate storage area are high (for example modular buildings and wind turbines). 

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Granudden combi terminal - The Port of Gävle

Combi terminal

Trains carrying containers operate daily from the combi terminal to and from Gävle Container terminal and other places, mainly Mid Sweden.

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CFS Granudden - The Port of Gävle

CFS Granudden

In the terminal’s largest three warehouses of 50 000 square metres, different types of paper products are handled, including container stuffing.

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CFS Granudden vid Gävle Hamn på Ostkusten.

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