Project status

The exisiting container terminal can handle ships with a length of 190 m and a loading capacity of 1500 containers. During the project, the container terminal will be extended with 360 m new berth, adapted for much larger container ships. The new container terminal will be able to receive ships up to 366 meters in length, with a capacity of 14,000 containers.

1300 piles will be used with a total length of 26 km (which corresponds to the stretch distance between Gävle and Sandviken). About 11,000 m3 of concrete will be used which corresponds to 1,500 trucks with concrete.

On the seaside, about 650 piles have been drilled down to solid rock at approximately 20 meters depth.
During this work, the contractor used one pile machine on land and another one with the task of piling the part of the crane beam
where the piling must be carried out from a pontoon in the water.

Large amounts of reinforcement were prepared and prefabricated on land and then lifted down and mounted in place in the molds.
The first casting took place in June 2019.

A third machine also worked in parallel with the land side crane beam, where 220 piles have been drilled down.

The crane beams are designed to handle new STS container cranes with a load capacity of about 80 tonnes.

The entire quay is expected to be completed in the spring of 2021

Time plan

The project will be completed in a period of approximately 16 months.

The actual production started on the 12th of December, with a break between 21st of December to 3rd of January.

 Working hours at the moment are 7-19, 7 days a week.


The piling work is the part of the project that can affect the environment due to noise. To gather information about the possible impact on the surroundings, Port of Gävle has conducted an investigation to ensure that the noise does not exceed the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency's limits. The investigation shows that the noise created due to the expansion of the container terminal, does not exceed the limits.

If you would like to know more about the noise investigation, please contact:

Henrik Rosengren
Environment Engineer
070-084 80 98

If you would like to know more about the project in general, please contact:

Johan Ericsson
Project leader
070-558 99 68

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