Port of Gävle - Bulk terminal

Bulk terminal

The bulk terminal handles materials and supplies to the primary industries (for example clay, alloys, scrap, concentrates and biofuels) as well as project cargoes where requirements on the lifting capacity and intermediary storage area are high (for example modular buildings and wind turbines). The bulk terminal comprises four dock areas where various types of vessels can load and unload. There are a number of large warehouses directly on the docks and there are also large storage areas close to the docks for intermediate storage of freight. Yilport Gävle operates the bulk terminal.

Dock areas:

Östra kajen (East dock)

Scrap, timber, paper pulp, ferroalloys and kaolin clay amongst others are handled in the east dock.

Sydvästkajen (Southwest dock)

Clay for the paper industry, stainless scrap and tyre shreds are handled in the southwest dock. There is also a tank for offloading cement.

Södra kajen (South dock)

Bulk materials such as chalk for the paper milling industry, road salt, wood chips and pellets are handled in the south dock.

Alloy unloading dock

There is also a completely automated facility for offloading lead and zinc alloys (fine-grained ore concentrate) in our bulk terminal. The facility is a closed system with a built-in conveyor belt.