Port of Gävle infrastructure

Good infrastructure

There is very good infrastructure to and from the port with connecting motorways and railways providing an effective flow of goods. The railway line from the port connects to the Bergslagsbanan (inland), Ostkustbanan (east coast) and Norra Stambanan (northern) lines. In 2017 a double railway line to Stockholm will be opened. There are nearby road transport connections to the E4, E16 and other national routes.

In 2014 the approach channel into the port was significantly widened and deepened. Today the port can accommodate ships of up to 42 metres wide, with a draft of 12.20 metres and a load capacity of approximately 100 000 tonnes. There are several benefits to being able to accommodate larger ships.  Firstly it reduces transport costs for the region’s industry, which increases competitiveness, and secondly it is kinder on the environment as the ship’s energy consumption becomes significantly reduced per transported tonne. The new approach channel also allows ships to touch port at night and during poor visibility.

Large investments are being made in the port area. During the coming years we will increase the space for docks, piers and handling areas by approximately another 300 000 square metres. We are also investing in new warehouses, a railway and premises for freight handling.

Map over Port of Gävle, Bergslagsbanan (inland), Ostkustbanan (east coast) and Norra Stambanan (northern) lines and the E4, E16 and other national routes