Port of Gävle - Container terminal

Container terminal

Port of Gävle handles approximately 300 000 TEU* annually, which makes it the east coast’s largest container terminal. Feeder ships are loaded and off-loaded here. They transport containers to and from Europe’s larger ports where they are then re-loaded for their final destination out in the world. The terminal is operated by Yilport Gävle. 

Permitted depth/draft: 10.0 metres
Quay length: 320 metres

Port of Gävle has the largest container terminal on the east coast, and is about to be doubled. 

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*TEU is a measurement of the amount of containers handled, where 1 TEU = 20 feet or 6.1 metres. A normal container is 40 feet, which is the equivalent of 2 TEU and 12.2 metres.