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Operations in Port of Gävle privatized

It’s now definite. The Turkish port operator Yilport took over the operation of the Port of Gävle on May 2nd 2016. The agreement states that the municipality-owned Port of Gävle owns the port itself, which means land and infrastructure, while all operations are privatized and controlled by a 30-year contract.

– Virtually all major ports in the world are managed this way. For us, it will mean more investments, higher freight volumes and that the port continues to grow, says Örjan Larsson, Chairman of the Port of Gävle AB.

Yilport guarantees immediate investments of approximately SEK 450 million in accordance to the agreement, primarily in a new container terminal. All parties are satisfied with the deal.

– The agreement gives us great opportunities to develop the port and ensure our position as an important logistics hub from Stockholm to the north of Sweden. It’s good for the municipality, and especially good for the local and regional business, says Municipal Commissioner Inger KällgrenSawela

– Yilport Nordic now possesses a network that is unparalleled. With the intermodal terminal Stockholm Nord and the ports of Oslo and Gävle, we can focus on new transport corridors, business models and robust packaging solutions for our customers, says Eryn Dinyovszky, Head of Yilport Nordic.

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About Gävle Hamn
Port of Gävle is one of Sweden’s largest ports, with eight terminals and some 1 000 ships entering every year. Strategically located just north of Stockholm and right next to the industrial central Sweden region, Port of Gävle is a natural east coast hub for import and export. From here, wood and steel are shipped out to the world and raw materials for the industry in Mälardalen and mid-Sweden comes in. One example is the import of aircraft fuel for Arlanda that leaves the Port of Gävle by train every day by train – a solution that has acquired environmental awards. 

About Yilport

Yilport is a Turkish port operator with operations worldwide. Yilport has the ambition to become one of the world’s ten largest port operators by 2025. The purchase of Baltic Sea Gateway AB is the third Nordic acquisition. It started with an 80-percent share in the Gävle Container Terminal including the intermodal terminal in Stockholm North in Rosersberg. Since February 2015 Yilport also operates Oslo’s new container port with a 20 + 10-year concession. Yilport’s European portfolio recently tripled in size with the acquisition of the Tertir Group, and nine terminals in Portugal and Spain.