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Decision is made to invest in expansions for Port of Gävle

New container quayside to provide double the capacity at Port of Gävle.

When Yilport took over the operation of the port in 2016, they committed to expanding the capacity of the container terminal by building a new dock east of the existing one.  That work will start in autumn 2017 and the new quay is expected to be in use by the summer of 2019.

– The Port of Gävle container terminal is already the largest on the East Coast and the third largest in Sweden after the Gothenburg and Helsingborg ports. ”When the new development is complete, the port will have double the volume” says Fredrik Svanbom, CEO at the Port of Gävle.

The borough of Gävle is providing investment funding for the new dock, which is expected to reach 200 million SEK.  Yilport will then return the investment over a ten-year period by way of paying a higher rental fee.

The new quayside will be able to handle significantly greater volumes, which means that the Port of Gävle not only can receive larger vessels, it will also double the number of containers in relation to today.  This is central to ensuring the growth of the port.

“There’s a very positive spirit in the port right now.  Today we are close to the maximum limit for what the container terminal is capable of, but with the new dock, we will be able to welcome even more container transport to the port”, concludes Fredrik Svanbom.