Port of Gävle - Standby officer in charge (TIB)

Standby officer in charge

There is always a contact person available in the Port of Gävle. During holidays or outside normal working hours when no responsible manager is available, a standby officer in charge (TIB) is responsible for Gävle Hamn AB. The officer serves as the first contact and counterparty for authorities and others during these hours.

Tel. 026-17 88 66

Contact TIB for urgent questions regarding:

✓  Maritime and port security, as well as the creation of Declaration of Security (DOS) documents

✓  Property damage in the Port of Gävle area

✓  Questions about the quarantine port

✓  Quay collisions

✓  Traffic accidents (collisions, driving off the road, train derailments)

✓  Ship traffic, unplanned quay events, incidents

✓ Ship collisions or grounding

✓  Trespassing, vandalism, theft, other crimes (perimeter security matters)

✓  Environmental incidents or fire

✓  Workplace accidents in the Port of Gävle area