Privacy policy

General information
Port of Gävle is committed to protecting your privacy. Therefore, we have designed this privacy policy that
describes how we handle personal data. Personal data refers to all kinds of data that alone, or in combination with other data,
can be linked to a living physical person.
Collection of Personal Information
The personal information we collect, we collect in order to:
-fulfill our statutory requirements or public authority
-to offer a service
- to be able to provide external communication to the public and stakeholders
or during recruitment.
For example, when you submit an application for access to the port area, a job position or the like, we must be able to
identify that you are who you claim to be, in order to be able to handle your case in a correct way. We will not process your
personal data unless we have a well-motivated reason to do so.
Why are we allowed to process your personal data (on a legal basis)?
As an example, when it is Port of Gävle’s obligation to offer certain services, such as port access, the port has the right to process
personal data about you (name, telephone number, email, vehicle registration number, photo etc) in order to fulfill legal obligations.
Port of Gävle has the right to handle your personal data (name, telephone number, etc.) when you have an agreement with the port,
during application processes and other types of work within Port Authority (name, phone number etc), and also in external communication
aimed at the general public and stakeholders, eg newsletters, website and social media (name, photo, title, phone number etc).
In cases where we collect information through forms or e-services, we leave information about the legal basis for the collection
of personal data directly on form / e-service. In cases where there is no legal basis, Port of Gävle could refer to balancing of interest
or your specific consent will be asked for.
Storage and disclosure of personal data
Personal data may be shared with recipients of social media and website, as well as when there are legal requirements governing
authorities, external consultants and the like to access personal data. Personal data collected for processes and systems are
handled by administrators and stored in the respective systems within Port of Gävle. In some cases Port of Gävle makes use of
service providers for our IT systems. These service providers may only process your personal information in accordance with
Port of Gävle’s instructions. They are also required to take technical and organizational security measures to protect your personal
information to the same extent as Port of Gävle do. Transfer to third country does not occur at the Port of Gävle, except for some
social media and are then protected by Privacy Shield.
Retention period
Port of Gävle is covered by the principle of public and saves your personal data according to Port of Gävle’s document management plan.
The retention period is never longer than the time required to fulfill any of the purposes of our processing of your personal data or to
comply with any requirements of law or regulation, the regulatory authority's request or orders from certified courts.
 Your rightsIn terms of your personal data, you are always entitled to know what Port of Gävle processes and be given the opportunity
to correct them. You may also require that the processing of your personal data be restricted unless it is a prerequisite for Port of Gävle
to remain compliant in its agreement with you or provide a service to you. Some of your data may also need to be saved in order to
comply with statutory obligations. If you have given consent to the processing of personal data, you have the right to withdraw it.
To use your rights, there is an e-service at, where you register your case. Read more about the
Data Protection Regulation and your rights on the Data Inspectorate's website. Complaints can also be made to the Data Inspectorate.
The principle of public
Port of Gävle is covered by the Principle of public which means, for example, that messages (such as letters, emails, direct messages
on social media) that have been received by Port of Gävle become public documents. Public documents will be handed out
upon request, after confidentiality examination.
Contact details
The ones responsible for processing your personal data is Port of Gävle’s Board of Directors. If you have any questions or
concerns about Port of Gävle’s processing of personal data or this Privacy Policy, please contact:
Data protection coordinator at port of Gävle:
Privacy unit
Gävle municipality
Tel: +46 26-178000 (ask to speak to a Data Protection Officer)
e-mail address:
If you wish to exercise any of your rights regarding your personal data, please use the e-service:
Contact information for the Data Inspectorate, please vist