Port of Gävle - Container terminal

Container terminal

Port of Gävle handles approximately 300 000 TEU* annually, which makes it the east coast’s largest container terminal. Feeder ships are loaded and off-loaded here. They transport containers to and from Europe’s larger ports where they are then re-loaded for their final destination out in the world. The terminal is operated by Yilport Gävle. 

Port of Gävle has the largest container terminal on the east coast, and it is about to be doubled. Port of Gävle and Yilport are co-investing to meet the increasing demand for container transport. All global shipping companies already uses Port of Gävle, and now the container port will be expanded to be able to recieve more and larger ships.

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The around the clock open hours and expanding container port are reliable and flexible. There is also plenty of warehousing space. 

The container terminal is also operated by a dedicated shuttle train, ContainerExpress. A smart and environmentally friendly express shuttle train between Port of Gävle and the intermodal terminal Yilport Rosersberg, just north of Stockholm.

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*TEU is a measurement of the amount of containers handled, where 1 TEU = 20 feet or 6.1 metres. A normal container is 40 feet, which is the equivalent of 2 TEU and 12.2 metres.