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Quay cranes arrive at Gävle Container Terminal

After two months of travel, three new quay cranes have now arrived at the largest container terminal on the east coast of Sweden.
Yilport Nordic and Gävle Hamn AB together have invested over one billion SEK to expand the container terminal in Gävle to meet the increase in demand for container transport. Now their three new quay cranes have arrived, and the expansion of the container terminal is near its final stage. Gävle Container Terminal, which is already the largest container terminal on the east coast of Sweden, will be twice as large there. The terminal’s capacity increases from 250,000 TEU * to 600,000 TEU per year (One TEU = one 20-foot container).
– It is a long-term investment for the next 20 to 30 years to meet demand and handle the increasing volume and thereby create further opportunities for the core industries export, says Fredrik Svanbom, CEO of Gävle Hamn AB.
The cranes are of the Super Post Panamax models, the largest kind available. With the new cranes, the port can accommodate larger ships that load up to 22 containers in width. Today the limit is 13. When larger vessels can call at the container terminal, more goods will be able to reach the inhabitants of Gävle and surrounding areas. The quay cranes are electrically powered and will increase the productivity while reducing carbon dioxide emissions and noise levels. They come with the possibility of a high degree of automation, although the cranes can also be run traditionally with drivers placed in the crane. The cranes are supplemented with six-portal cranes that will stack that was delivered earlier this year.
The expansion means more than just new cranes. A larger container yard has been built for container storage. While increasing productivity, the capacity for storage and ship handling also increases by 100%. The terminal expansion enables more company establishments and warehouses near the port. In recent years, several investments have been made in the port of Gävle. New warehouse buildings, railway and upgraded entrance route for larger vessels to be able to call at Gävle Container Terminal.
– Today the landscape changes for Gavle. These new cranes will stand 120 meters tall marking the significance of the port for the core export industries and expanding the import gateway for Sweden. YILPORT is very proud to be delivering such equipment and infrastructure to enable the means for Sweden to be competitive in the world marketplace, says Eryn Dinyovszky, General Manager at Yilport Nordic.
The cranes are delivered pre-assembled on vessels. Unloading from the ship takes approximately a week. Then follows a couple of months of installation on site, integration with operating systems before they can be taken into full operation.
The inauguration of the new container terminal will take place in September. At that time the media, customers and politicians will be able to see more of the new terminal. Among others, Minister of Infrastructure Ibrahim Baylan will give the opening speech. The actual commissioning is then planned to take place in early October.