About Port of Gävles mission

Our mission

Port of Gävle is a modern intermodal logistics centre where road, rail and maritime transportation meet. Like many other ports, Port pf Gävle has chosen to separate the role of the Port Authority from that of the operational management of the terminals.
If you have questions regarding Port authority contact our Port authority manager Linda Astner:
telephone: 0046 70 623 38 41

Gävle Hamn AB is fully owned by Gävle municipality.

Gävle Hamn AB has a mission to provide efficient infrastructure to terminal operators, forwarding agents, freight owners and others. 

Operational maintenance of the the container-, bulk- and CFS terminals is carried out by Yilport. The energy port is mainly maintained by the petroleum companies.

Gävle Hamn AB will:

✓ create conditions for the region’s export and import companies to flourish
✓ create conditions for the region of Gävle to grow
​✓ contribute to growth by enabling increased volumes and more company establishments