Capacity: Examples of cargo handled through Port of Gävle


Within Port of Gävle there are six terminals (the container terminal, the bulk terminal, the kombi terminal, the Granudden terminal, the oil terminal and the chemical terminal). 6 M tonnes of freight is handled here every year.

Within Port of Gävle the largest container terminal on the east coast is situated. It is now about to be doubled to increase its capacity to 600 000 TEU (I TEU corresponds to a 20-foot container).

The kombi terminal, together with the kombi terminal on Granudden, adds up to one of the biggest kombi terminals in Swden, with 80 000 TEU handled every year.

With its 2800 metres of quay, about 900 ships dock at Port of Gävle every year. 

Port of Gävle is a dynamic, logistic hub with its 1 000 000 square metres of storage space, 170 000 square metres of warehousing as well as a logistics park strategically positioned close to the terminals, with 20 HA available land.
If you would like to know more about available land and setting up operations in the port please contact our CEO Fredrik Svanbom
Telephone: 0046 76 100 61 87

Examples of cargo handled through Port of Gävle:

✓ Timber
✓ Paper
✓ Liquid packaging
✓ Paper pulp
✓ Coffee

✓ Scrap metal and steel
✓ Petroleum products
✓ Chemicals for industry
✓ Plane fuel for Arlanda airport
✓ Kaolin clay for the paper industry

✓ Alloys for the steel industry
✓ Road salt
✓ Cable chains for oil rigs
✓ Biofuel for power stations
✓ Wind turbines