Port of Gävle situated in the middle of Sweden's east coast

About Port of Gävle

Strategically located just north of Stockholm and right next to the industrial Central Sweden region, Port of Gävle is a natural east coast hub for import and export. Port of Gävle is also a dynamic logistic hub with constant activity. Ships, trains, and lorries dock, discharge, load and depart, every hour of every day, all year round. 

From here, wood and steel are shipped out to the world and raw materials for industry come in. Every day ten or so trains and about 300 lorries pass through the gates of Port of Gävle. Some 900 ships touch port every year and around 6 million tonnes of freight are handled. There is capacity to double these volumes over the coming 15 years.

All global container shipping companies already uses Port of Gävle, and now the container port will be expanded to be able to receive more and larger ships. Sustainability is one of the reasons Port of Gävle strive to increase the portion of shipped goods. Within a 250 km radius from the port, 17 million tons of steel and processed wood is produced annually. A large portion is shipped in containers from Port of Gävle. We expect this portion to grow rapidly as the requirement for environmentally friendly transports increases throughout society. 

Port of Gävle is co-investing with Yilport, the terminal operator, to double the capacity of the container terminal, to meet the increasing demand for container transport. The combinaton of Port of Gävle and Yilport is very efficient. Port of Gävle provides the infrastructure and Yilport manages operations, a stable and long-term cooperation that is much appreciated by the customers of the port.