News letter december 2020  

News from Gävle Hamn 

CEO Fredrik Svanbom:
We leave a challenging year behind us. A year showing the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of our society. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused human suffering and serious economic consequences, not only for us here in Sweden but throughout the world. In the shipping industry, the branch transporting people have been hit particularly hard. Freight transport has in most cases worked without too much disturbance, which is important since Sweden and especially our region is export dependent.

The volumes of goods in the port have varied from month to month as a result of the pandemic. However, the logistics operations as well as the operations of the various terminals in the port of Gävle have functioned well during the year.
Two major infrastructure projects have been completed - CFS paper, the world unique paper magazine, which was inaugurated in August and the new container quay, which had its final inspection at the beginning of December. Two important investments for Port of Gävle's continued development and which also helps our region's industry to compete in the global market.

Another highlight during the year was to be the first port in the world to launch the new digital tool Port activity app, which provides an opportunity for all actors involved in a ship call, to streamline their own processes.

Before checking out for a slightly different Christmas celebration I conclude the year being challenging but taking with me a lot of knew knowledge and experience. I want to thank you all and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Fredrik Svanbom, VD Gävle Hamn
Efficient flow – project results
During three years, the Port of Gävle has participated in an EU-funded project named Efficient Flow. The project is now coming to an end. The Efficient Flow project has aimed to improve the flow of information for port actors during a ship call. The project is nearing completion, but for the Port of Gävle, work continues with the Port Activity App ™, which is the primary result of the project.

Port Activity App ™ is a digital solution for sharing information before and during a ship call to a port. The sharing of information through the app between port actors makes planning more efficient for everyone involved. For example, when it comes to operational planning, the app provides updated current and correct information about when the ship is expected to arrive, planned departure time and any delays, etc.
"There can be ten different partners involved in a port call and today they all call each other via phone to get in touch. There are tug boats, navigators, port authority, people responsible for loading- and unloading, container terminal administration and so on", explains Linda Astner, Sustainability manager at Gävle Hamn, and also project leader for Port Activity App ™.

"There are often changes in a port´s operations due to time shifts, and also weather and wind has their effects. If everyone gets the right information about both planned and current times for arrivals the dockings can be smoother and the time that the ships spends waiting with the engines on can be minimized. This contributes to the calls being more efficient and to the turn-around times in the port being reduced. And that leads to less emissions.”

The more people that use the Port Activity App ™, the better the app will be. The hope is that the concept will be spread to other ports. Port Activity App ™ will continue to develop and already now there are new functions in the app such as e.g. nautical charts where the position of all ships on their way to Gävle can be seen, updated quay information and quay queuing system.

CFS Paper nominated for the Logistics Establishment of the Year 2020 award
CFS paper,  the world unique automated high-bay warehouse was nominated for the award for Logistics Establishment of the Year 2020. Through smart logistics and automation, Gävle Hamn AB together with terminal operator Yilport Nordic is constantly working to attract new customers to Gävle in general, and with the help of the warehouse more paper producers specifically.

 "We are convinced that more customers will choose this flexible and efficient export solution that the Port of Gävle can offer through the world-unique warehouse," says Johan Ericsson, project manager for the construction of the warehouse. The paper magazine, which was inaugurated in August, has already been filled with hundreds of rolls of paper during the autumn.

Full paper warehouses at Granudden
Two new warehouses were built last year in order to offer more storage space at Granudden for customers. This year has shown that the warehouses were much needed and a valuable investment for the terminal. During 2020 the warehouses at Granudden have been fully stocked several times. And the demand for storage space continues to exist from the customers.

Autonomous vehicles in the Port of Gävle  

During the autumn of 2020, the technology company Semcon  investigated how transport flows in Port of Gävle could be made more efficient. The survey was conducted in a feasibility study for Port of Gävle's terminal operator Yilport. With the help of an autonomous vehicle, logistics processes can be automated and cost reduced at the same time as both safety and quality are maintained.

"It is important to be at the front line of technology development and to be able to offer customers efficient solutions," says Håkan Bergström, Sales Director Yilport Nordic.
Port of Gävles largest wind turbines delivery to date

In recent years, a lot of parts of wind turbines has come in to the port of Gävle. This due to the many wind power projects that are going on in the immediate area. In September, the largest wind power delivery to date was unloaded in the port of Gävle. It was the Asian bulk carrier Tian HUI that carried as much as 111 wind power parts in its cargo, compared with other vessels that deliver about 60 parts. Tian HUI is thus the largest wind power ship unloaded in the port of Gävle.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
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