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Port of Gävle has the largest container terminal on the east coast, and it is about to be doubled. Port of Gävle and Yilport are co-investing to meet the increasing demand for container transport. All global shipping companies already uses Port of Gävle, and now the container port will be expanded to be able to recieve more and larger ships. Below you can read more about the new container terminal in the reporting and articles that has been covered in media.

Both SVT and SR were present when the work began, 12 december
Click here to view SVT's coverage (Swedish)

Listen to an excerpt from SR Gävleborgs coverage (Swedish)

Media coverage regarding the start of the expansion (Swedish)

Media coverage regarding the signing of the contract (Swedish)

Media coverage regarding the automatic warehouse at the new terminal (Swedish)

Web camera over the work site

Here you can follow the expansion of the container terminal.
The camera takes a new picture every hour 07-16, monday-sunday.

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Project status

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