Decision is made to invest in expansions for Port of Gävle

New container quayside to provide double the capacity at Port of Gävle.

Among the largest

During week 22 mt Palawan Star will call at the Port of Gävle. The ship is among the largest that has visited the port. 73 796 t dw, length 229 m and width 32 m. The nearest port of call was Ust Luuga and she carries, amongst other products, jet fuel.

The Swedish Transport Workers Union warns of industrial action

Parties have not yet come to an agreement on port and dockworkers’ conditions, causing the Transport Workers Union to issue a notice of industrial action. “Even though negotiations have currently stalled, we still have strong hopes that we will reach an agreement. Negotiations have been positive and we’ve offered salary increases in line with the sector,” says Joakim Ärlund, CEO of Swedish Ports.

Operations in Port of Gävle privatized

It’s now definite. The Turkish port operator Yilport took over the operation of the Port of Gävle on May 2nd 2016. The agreement states that the municipality-owned Port of Gävle owns the port itself, which means land and infrastructure, while all operations are privatized and controlled by a 30-year contract.

Byggmax establishes its warehouse in the Port of Gävle

Byggmax establishes a warehouse in the Port of Gävle for distribution to its 55 Swedish stores – from the north and down to Norrköping in the south. This means shipping service from Poland and Holland.

Fossile-free vehicle fleet for the Port of Gävle

The Port of Gävle has switched to a completely fossile-free vehicle fleet. All official cars used by the employees have now been changed to four electric cars and one that primarily runs on biogas.

E16 becomes an electric road for heavy traffic

In a near future, heavy trucks can charge electricity on the go. An two-kilometer test road is presently built close to Gävle.