Port activity app - a digital solution to share information

Port activity app is a digital solution to share information that will be implemented in port of Gävle during 2020. Gävle Hamn AB is at full speed to implement a test version with a small group of key partners.

As the only Swedish port Gävle is participating in the Swedish Maritime Administration´s EU-financed project “Efficient flow”. Thd project will, among other things, make port calls more effective. The new mobile application will be providing the same information to all partners prior and during a port call. The port activity app aims to increase the port operator’s effectivity through communicating arrivals and departures etc for ships. With the app the port call process for ships will be more efficient and there through increase shipping competitiveness and also contribute to less environmental impact with better customized and planned arrivals and departures of ships in the port.

"There can be ten different partners involved in a port call and today they all call each other via phone to get in touch. There are tug boats, navigators, port authority, people responsible for loading- and unloading, container terminal administration and so on", explains Linda Astner, Sustainability manager at Gävle Hamn, and also project leader for Port Activity App.

"There are often changes in a port´s operations due to time shifts, and also weather and wind has their effects. If everyone gets the right information about both planned and current times for arrivals the dockings can be smoother and the time that the ships spends waiting with the engines on can be minimized".

The app will cooperate with STM, Sea Traffic Management (an initiative from Swedish Maritime Adminstartion to improve the information between land and ships) but will be more specified for port. By designing and creating a new modern solution from scratch, an app with an open source code creates a scalable and cost-effective solution for ports.

During 2016 Port of Gävle started working more focused with the process around port activities and the progress with this app is a natural part of the ports digitalization process. Port of Gävle has hopes that this project will inspire other ports to implement similar solutions and contribute to a sustainable shipping in a bigger perspective.

"The test version is ready and the app together with a website with the same information will be launched during 2020. The source code is open, though it must be specialized to the conditions of each port to make it available for more users", Linda Astner explains.

For questions and more information please contact:
Linda Astner, Project Leader of the Port Activity App.
Phone: +4670 623 38 41

2020-08-28 10:09
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2020-08-06 11:10
Port activity app - a digital solution to share information
Port activity app is a digital solution to share information that will be implemented in Port of Gävle during 2020. Gävle Hamn AB is at full speed to implement a test version with a small group of key partners.
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2020-04-22 08:00
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New Traffic- and Security Manager
Niklas Hermansson is the new manager for the Traffic and Security department.
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Experienced employee in new position
Since Port of Gävle has high ambitions in the area of sustainability, we have now chosen to add a new function that is responsible for sustainability and digital development
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Earlier detection of damaged containers with inspection system in Port of Gävle
With the help of a newly installed system damaged containers will be easier to detect than before.
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2020-02-07 09:33
Port of Gävle requires Health declaration due to the coronavirus
Vessels calling Port of Gävle must from 2020-02-07 submit a Health declaration before arriving Port of Gävle. The completed Health declaration shall be sent by e-mail latest 24 hrs prior arrival to the Port Traffic Office
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Three new giant cranes as Port of Gävle's Container Terminal expands
The new container quay being built includes three recently ordered Super Post Panamax cranes, which can serve significantly larger vessels than the terminal is capable of today.
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Port of Gävle’s major investment a game changer in Gävle
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Customers hurried to Port of Gävle´s new warehouse
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