Port of Gävle makes major investment in paper handling automation

Gävle will probably be the first port in the world with an automated high-bay storage warehouse for paper rolls. The plant will be housed in a 25 meter high, 10,000 square meter building, which, in the most efficient way, will load paper into containers for further maritime transport.
“This is another investment that strengthens the port's competitiveness and is of great importance for the region's paper industry. The container terminal is doubling its capacity as the volumes in the port have increased sharply, and we will take important steps towards continued strong growth” says Fredrik Svanbom, CEO of Port of Gävle.
The investment is made by municipality owned Gävle Hamn AB, which will lease the facility to port operator Yilport for a duration of 30 years. The agreement between the parties was signed on August 23rd.
“It is the very productive cooperation we have with the Port of Gävle that makes this important and unique venture possible. Together we will fulfill the needs of the Swedish paper industry with a most efficient solution” says Håkan Bergström, Marketing Manager at Yilport Nordic.
Paper products will arrive the new high-bay storage warehouse by train and are then handled by automated overhead cranes, ensuring high density storage with minimal risk of damage. The system also consists of a network of horizontal conveyors that move the paper rolls autonomously to respective containers. The facility will be built directly adjacent to the container port for the shortest possible transport to the quay and loading onto vessels.
The capacity of the facility will be 500,000 tonnes annually.
Gävle Container Terminal has long been the east coast's largest—and Sweden's third largest—container port. Growth has been very strong over the last years and volumes are now approaching 300,000 TEU* annually. In order to meet the increasing demand for container transport, the terminal will double its capacity. When the new area is ready in 2020, annual capacity will reach 600,000 TEU as well as giving the terminal an ability to accommodate larger vessels than today.
*1 TEU corresponds to a 20-foot container. The more common 40-foot container is thus 2 TEU.

Örjan Larsson, Chairman Port of Gävle and Eryn Dinyovszky, General manager Yilport Holding Inc.

If you want to listen to an interview with Eryn Dinyovszky, General manager Yilport Holding Inc, about the CFS-investment, please
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Port of Gävle makes major investment in paper handling automation
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