The Swedish Transport Workers Union warns of industrial action

Parties have not yet come to an agreement on port and dockworkers’ conditions, causing the Transport Workers Union to issue a notice of industrial action.

“Even though negotiations have currently stalled, we still have strong hopes that we will reach an agreement. Negotiations have been positive and we’ve offered salary increases in line with the sector[EE1] ,” says Joakim Ärlund, CEO of Swedish Ports.

What does this mean for Port of Gävle?

If the parties do not reach an agreement, certain measures will come into force as of midnight on 28th May. These will include a ban on overtime hours, employment, and hiring for members of the Transport Workers Union that are connected to Swedish Ports. The bans will remain in force until the parties reach an agreement.

“We hope for a quick resolution, but are planning to keep operations running and minimise the number of delays if it comes to industrial action,” says Fredrik Svanbom, CEO of Port of Gävle.

Additionally, six ports have been designated for complete work stoppage on 31st May and 7th June for members of the Union. Port of Gävle is not one of these. The six ports are:
  • ShoreLink Luleå
  • SCA Logistics Umeå
  • SCA Logistics Sundsvall
  • Mälarhamnar Västerås
  • APM Terminal Gothenburg
  • Logent Port & Terminal Göteborg
For more information:
Fredrik Svanbom
+46 76-100 61 87